Altsasu is a town of approximately 7,400 inhabitants where you can find shops, bars, cafés and a few restaurants. It also has a cultural center with cinema, theater and exhibitions, but certainly its main attractive are the mountains of extraordinary beauty that surround the village.

In a privileged environment, it is an ideal destination for wabi sabi lovers, and also for those seeking to plunge into the lush forest and practice shinrin yoku.

In silence, delving into the different places that are half hidden, being one with the indescribable beauty that the trees and the different impressions offer us, we feel how our bodies take root, our breathing becomes naturally deep, our senses awaken and our minds slow down.

During these walks the beta waves of the brain calm down and give way to alpha vibrations that re-balance our nervous system, filling us with a simple and peaceful sense of well-being.

There is also room for more sportive people who prefer to climb mountains, hike, or cycle for miles.

In our guide you will find various proposals to get to know the place.

Another attraction of the town is Laura’s massages. If you would like to discover them, I recommend that you book in advance: http://esteticalaura.es/

You can also visit Ana’s store where you can find decoration items and furniture from the 50s-80s. babia.info

Here you will find specific information about the valley : http://www.sakana.eus/en/

Looking forward to welcoming you!

Ahora solamente, hora nocturna, estoy sin miedo y puedo permanecer en esta mirada que se ha abierto, pues para tu infinito suceder exiges mi mirada insuficiente. Ahora surge de ella el parecido.                                                                           Rilke

Debajo de mí, el núcleo de fuego desde el que se expulsó esta masa, chirriante y gruñona, de roca plutónica; por encima, el aire azul; y entre el fuego de la roca y el fuego del sol, derrubio, tierra y agua, musgo, hierba, flor y árbol, insecto, ave y bestia, viento, lluvia y nieve: la montaña total.

                                                        Nan Shepherd. La montaña viva.


“En el bosque, vuelve la razón y la fe. Allí siento que nada me puede ocurrir en la vida, ni desgracia, ni calamidad -siempre y cuando me queden los ojos- que la naturaleza no puede reparar “.

                                                      Ralph Waldo Emerson. Naturaleza