The House

Following our hotel lineage, “El Alaska” is delighted to reopens its doors again to offer four cozy and comfortable bedrooms, a spacious living-dining room and a kitchen.

Its decoration evokes the incalculable value of Nature, inviting us to take care of the spaces and to remember the wonders and mysteries of Earth and Heaven.

In order to make our guests feel safe and secure, we have reduced our occupation by 33% and increased our disinfection protocol:

  • You will find your room and bathroom disinfected and ozonized
  • We will assign together a private space for you in the living room and the kitchen scheduled
  • We leave our shoes at the entrance that gives access to the bedrooms and you will find disinfected slippers at your disposal.
  • We frequently disinfect the surfaces, constantly lather our hands and gloves, and daily wash masks and clothing.

Casa Alaska, the third in the saga

It was in 1953 when the first Alaska was created. Run by my mother and her sisters, Casa Alaska soon became a must-see place for travelers and tourists at the time as well as for locals and business people looking for good food, a drink or a chat.

A few years later, -due to the endless influx of guests- the construction of the Alaska Hotel began, with capacity to accommodate over a hundred people. It opened its doors in 1963.

Located in the middle of an oak forest, crossed by a river where crabs and fish dwell, it had extensive gardens, a farm, swings and a chlorine-free pool.

Indoors, the great diversity of spaces -from the engine rooms to the lofts- the long corridors with rooms on each side, its lounges, its huge fireplace and its delicious cuisine and good service, made it an emblematic place.

With the arrival of the A-1 highway in the 1980s, the old road lost its traffic and both Alaskas -after more than two decades of hard work- closed their doors.

The generational relay comes now and in the same building where the first hostel was, as Guest House, the third of the saga is born.